Who we are

e-FPM it is the brainchild of Pierluigi Fusella in May 2010. A company specializzatanella nell'automazioni safety and for the house, from automatic gates to alarms, with the distinction of also cure innovative features such as video surveillance, computer products and electronic.


A mixture of experience, passion and quality make the electronic FPM one of the pioneers in the industry. Care of every person is to make your own safe and livable housing, electronic FPM covers all aspects of this need, without leaving anything to chance and taking care of every detail in the best possible way.


Anyone can find the right resource to complete the ideal goal of your project in the e-FPM. Making use of specialists, friendly and helpful to inspections, the electronic FPM work is tied to the perseverance of the best results, he hoped the buyers.
Field experts advise always to turn to competent persons or companies, especially for the safety of his home. E-FPM is born as an emerging reality able to satisfy any request, ensuring value for money unmatched.
The professionalism and talent are a key combination that is the basis of this very sensitive area. Their own safety, that of loved ones and the housing can not be left to drift or to chance. Entrusted to those who know how to handle any kind of situation, please contact the e-FPM and opens the doors to the best video surveillance systems on the market.